Aarklash Legacy Card 6
Aarklash Legacy Foil 6
Name: Bo Lahm
Game: Aarklash: Legacy
Series: 1
Card Number: 6 of 7
Description: Bo Lahm left his village to save his clan from certain tomb. Caught in the middle of a tremendous war between the Scorpion and the Eagle, their lands were a battleground until the Goldmongers agreed to intervene on their behalf if they would offer up a member of their clan as Wheel Sword. Bo Lahm, a favorite son of the tribe, agreed immediately to go. He had always wanted to see the world and discover its thousand stones. The village was saved and the belligerants took their war elsewhere. They say that the copper link put around his wrist took the metal of two dozen normal Wheel Sword links to forge and the magic of three Patrons. Whether or not that is true, they've never so much as attempted to make him a silver one, and Bo Lahm has never asked. He considers the Wheel Swords his clan now, and the Patrons his fathers.

Aarklash Legacy Artwork 6
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