Aarklash Legacy Card 7
Aarklash Legacy Foil 7
Name: Frinz
Game: Aarklash: Legacy
Series: 1
Card Number: 7 of 7
Description: Frinz worked his way into the Goldmongers Guild as a Wheel Sword by not paying his debts. He had a rather costly addiction to invention, and the sums spent on his machines and devices cost him his freedom. Most were desgined for killing though there were a few made for less noble purpose that all interested the Patrons. Frinz had been warned by members of his dwarven family, friends and clan, on countless occasions, never to contract any debt to the guild, but his passion for making things got the best of him. Surprisingly, the collateral "collection" went quite peacefully and was not even extracted by a Wheel Sword quorp carrying a death threat. Frinz was simply asked to serve the guild as a Wheel Sword with an immediate silver link, for so long as everything he invented going forward belonged to the Goldmongers, up to the day he'd earned a gold. Ressources were provided and his debts erased. Frinz has never been happier and couldn't have thought of a better arrangement for his addiction by himself.

Aarklash Legacy Artwork 7
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