Aarklash Legacy Card 3
Aarklash Legacy Foil 3
Name: Knokka
Game: Aarklash: Legacy
Series: 1
Card Number: 3 of 7
Description: Knokka's contract was not collected or traded to the Goldmongers Guild in the classic sense: she was part of an order made to the Scorpion for special miners capable of not only standing their ground on heavy legs, but sniffing out metals, pockets of poisonous gas and traps. Knokka has trouble recognizing the smells of the living or dead, but she immediately identifies the odor of gold and silver from up to a mile away. Even though the Scorpion Fleshmages designed her magical and genetically complex body to precise specifications for a precise purpose, Knokka found the guild another. The Patron Taberone noticed her one day in a silver mine and the spectacular way in which she spun a seven foot pick. He enlisted her as a Wheel Sword, giving her a copper link that she said smelled of freedom. He told her to keep her nose out for debtors attempting to pay the guild in lead disguised as gold, and soon gained a reputation that saw dozens of ill-advised debtors to early graves. Knokka has sent a good many of them there herself.

Aarklash Legacy Artwork 3
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