Aarklash Legacy Card 1
Aarklash Legacy Foil 1
Name: Nella
Game: Aarklash: Legacy
Series: 1
Card Number: 1 of 7
Description: An accomplished mage and extraordinary Wheel Sword, Nella was awarded her silver link by the Patrons with the rest of her quorp when they recovered thirty stone of gold from a rather powerful and reticent Scorpion Fleshmage. Nella's fire is said to still burn within the smoking laboratories of the foolish debtor, serving as a reminder to those who forget to pay the Goldmongers that no man or creature can escape reposession. Nella is determined, curious, resourceful and credited with an incredible memory. In spite of her tremendous investigative drive, she has yet to discover why her parents sold her to the guild as a child. Nevertheless, she is truly happy as a Wheel Sword, and feels herself more daughter than a sword for hire. Nella will certainly be the first in her quorp to earn gold, but there's little risk she'll leave the guild once she's earned her freedom. She's being groomed to become a Patron.

Aarklash Legacy Artwork 1
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