Aarklash Legacy Card 2
Aarklash Legacy Foil 2
Name: Wendaroo
Game: Aarklash: Legacy
Series: 1
Card Number: 2 of 7
Description: Wendaroo was sold by her clan of Vile-tis to the Gold Monger's guild for a wagonload of swords. The chieftain still thinks he got an incredible bargain, but he might be less boastfull if he knew that Wendaroo has been plotting to skin him alive ever since. She was only five that day, but she remembers all too well the scent of the grey-furred Wolfen. Her hate has proven useful in her priestly studies of the Rat goddess, and her powers are immense. Wendaroo draws blood as easily as she heals wounds, doing whatever is required of her through her contract to the guild. She has only ever known one quorp, that of Nella, Knokka and Denzil, who consider the Wolfen a sister. She has told them that the day she gets her gold link, and the freedom to go and come as she pleases, she'll be off to tear the village who sold her down to the ground. Until that day, she treats her fellows as if they were her pack.

Aarklash Legacy Artwork 2
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