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''[ Dota 2]'' is a game that was added in the inital test batch of trading cards. It features 8 cards that represent heroes from the game.<gallery type="slideshow" widths="500" position="center">
This category contains pages and media related to the game [[Dota 2]].
Bounty Hunter.jpg
Phantom Lancer (Full).png
Vengeful Spirit.jpg
<gallery orientation="none" widths="100" captiontextcolor="#ffffff" bordercolor="transparent">
Bounty Hunter.png|Bounty Hunter Card
Phantom Lancer.png|Phantom Lancer Card
Razor.png|Razor Card
Riki.png|Riki Card
Tidehunter.png|Tidehunter Card
Tiny.png|Tiny Card
Tusk.png|Tusk Card
Vengeful Spirit.png|Vengeful Spirit Card
<gallery bordercolor="transparent" captiontextcolor="#ffffff" captionalign="center" widths="100">
DOTA2badge1.png|Support Level 1, 100 XP
DOTA2Badge2.png|Disabler Level 2, 200 XP
DOTA2Badge3.png|Jungler Level 3, 300 XP
DOTA2badge4.png|Initiator Level 4, 400 XP
DOTA2badge5.png|Ganker Level 5, 500 XP
DOTA2foilbadge.png|Hard Carry Level 1, 100 XP

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This category contains pages and media related to the game Dota 2.

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