Contagion Card 7
Contagion Foil 7
Name: Ryan
Game: Contagion
Series: 1
Card Number: 7 of 8
Description: Ryan M. Johnson

Squad leader of an 8 man team sent into the red zone and clear it. Ryan was content getting paid for his military training working as a freelancer. The pay was good, the missions exciting, and the R&R with the ladies the only thing he cared about. That was until his squad met with a family of 5. His orders were clear; wipe clean any sign of infection or potential threats. Staring down at the 3 girls and their parents Ryan forgot the pay, excitement, and entertainment he enjoyed so much. The sound of shots fired freed him of his paralysis and instead of killing off the 2 surviving children turned his weapon on his squad... His mates. He never found out what happened to the two little girls as he was picked up in a black SUV, handcuffed, and was being driven to what he assumed was his final destination when a police vehicle ran a light and collided into the vehicle knocking him unconscious.

Contagion Artwork 7
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