Deponia Card 6.png
Deponia Foil 6.png
Name: Kuvaq Town Gate
Game: Deponia
Series: 1
Card Number: 6 of 8
Description: During the times of the oilwars the southwestern quadrant was souvereign territory of Drecksiko. The town gate of Kuvaq is reinforced extra-strong because of frequent territorial squabbles. As a townsiege became a rather periodic occurence the flight tunnels were coupled with the main gates. That way, whenever the gates fell, the inhabitants could flee the city and arrive right at the towngate again - to lay siege to the besiegers in turn.

In the end it became a general agreement to leave the towngates open at all time, which not only led to the end of the war, but also to the end of the oil shortage.

Deponia Artwork 6.jpg

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