Goodbye Deponia Card 7
Goodbye Deponia Foil 7
Name: Hermes
Game: Goodbye Deponia
Series: 1
Card Number: 7 of 8
Description: Hermes is a tinkerer and cloning engineer stuck with the soul of an old hippie. When he created the Organon an eternity ago, all he had in mind was saving the planet and its inhabitants. He did foresee a great ecologic disaster, due to the vast pollution of Deponia's surface. The planet would soon be uninhabitable and based on his researches, a plan was hatched to evacuate the whole world. But instead of despairing as the apocalypse's architect, Hermes still searches for better ways to save the planet.

He's like a restless spirit, roaming through the abandoned clone facility. He vastly exceeded his lifespan, but hope, a healthy diet and his cloning lab keep him alive. When Rufus tells him, the world is beyond saving, Hermes's optimism eventually turns into the opposite. Rufus's despair opened the gates for the old scientist's guilt complexes and the death wish riding them.

Goodbye Deponia Artwork 7
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