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Goodbye Deponia Foil 2.png
Name: Oppenbot
Game: Goodbye Deponia
Series: 1
Card Number: 2 of 8
Description: Being Bailiff Argus's secretary is a less than ungrateful job; especially if you're an old robot in hand's reach of retirement. Oppenbot is programmed for maximum accuracy, loyalty, and absolute obedience. With the jejune attitude of a British butler he usually passes his tasks with flying colors. And even if there's a little slip here and there he endures his superiors rage-filled outbursts with remarkable dignity. Fortunately, chances for slips and unforeseen interferences are minimal on an Organon cruiser. Under regular circumstances, at least...

But now Oppenbot is send with Inspector Cletus to Deponia's surface in search of Cletus's fiancee Goal. Things are... different down there. By the time Rufus poses as Cletus and gives contradicting orders, Oppenbot's circuits are put to the breaking test, if the robot has ever seen one.

Goodbye Deponia Artwork 2.jpg
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