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Name: Gollum
Game: Guardians of Middle-earth
Series: 1
Card Number: 4 of 6
Description: "Revenge, for the Precious!"

Gollum was once a Stoor, a type of Hobbit fond of the water, known by the name Sméagol. Long ago greed and the Ring of Power corrupted his mind and drove him to seek refuge in the bowels of the earth. Driven mad with a desire to possess his “precious” at any cost, the Ring has become his all-encompassing obsession. Despite this, the Ring has extended Gollum’s life, and has given him unnatural strength and unusual stealthiness. Gollum can sneak past even the sharpest eyes, and use the element of surprise to ambush his prey – preferably throttling the unlucky foe with his powerful hands.