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Beginning December 10, 2013, crafting a badge meant also receiving a Snow Globe card. When the Holiday Sale 2013 began on December 19, these cards changed into Holiday Sale 2013 versions, and became craftable into a badge. You could acquire these special cards by crafting a badge during the Holiday Sale, making a purchase on Steam ($10 per card), and by voting for Steam Community Choice sales (must be level 5, 1 card per 3 votes).

Unlike most badges, which can only be crafted a maximum of 5 times, this one had unlimited levels. Crafting the badge would give special bonus items in assorted Free-to-Play games, including: Dota 2, Path of Exile, Ragnarok Online 2 (removed), Realm of the Mad God, Spiral Knights, Star Conflict, Stronghold Kingdoms, Team Fortress 2, War Thunder, and Warframe. Crafting a standard badge gave 1 item, while the foil version gave 5.

All Holiday Sale 2013 cards expired on January 3, 2014 at 11AM PST and are no longer available for sale or trade on Steam Community Market (but they can still be found on the badges page).

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