Labyrinth Card 4
Labyrinth Foil 4
Name: Maessna, the Dawn Queen
Game: Labyrinth
Series: 1
Card Number: 4 of 6
Description: Maessna is the high priestess and queen of Kalinjaar, the largest of the ancient kingdoms of Karakuul. She rules her subjects from the top of her immense pyramid and temple to the sun god Sa’esh. Sa’esh takes the form of a serpent that swallows the sun each dusk, where it burns her body through the night and emerges the next morning, in a metaphor for childbirth. As such, Sa’esh is both the goddess of the sun, and the goddess of life and rebirth. However, she is a harsh god, and this is represented in Maessna’s body. Her skin is blackened and split, and her body glows from the inside with the sun’s heat.

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