Lunar New Year Sale 2019

Lunar New Year Sale 2019 Logo.jpg

The Lunar New Year Sale 2019 is a special set that was made available during the 2019 Lunar New Year Sale. There are no cards in the series, though it contains badges, emoticons, profile backgrounds, Golden Profile, and Bonus Savings Mode for redeeming tokens.

Premium Rewards

Bonus Savings Mode can be redeemed for 15,000 tokens, and Golden Profile for 4,000 tokens and 12,000 tokens for the second time.


The first badge can be redeemed for 2,000 tokens and each 2,200, 2,400, etc. 29,000 in total tokens.


Each emoticons can be redeemed for 100 tokens.

Profile Backgrounds

Each profile backgrounds can be redeemed for 1,000 tokens.

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