Parkan 2 Card 3
Parkan 2 Foil 3
Name: Astron
Game: Parkan 2
Series: 1
Card Number: 3 of 5
Description: D6-A «Astron» model is a joint commercial elaboration of Mitra and Earth (though, if existence of the Gates is considered, this separate planets division is only formality). As Novian "Oberons", these droids are the "Hammer" model by birth, but even in that case nothing had left of the prototype construction. As "Astrons" were designed later, developers could consider competitors' mistakes and introduced numerous improvements of droid construction. In particular, soft smooth contour was given to the droid's frame (spectators' attention was deliberately concentrated not so much on power as on the agility and flexibility of droid's "body"). Then a "General Humanoid Robotics" marketing specialist has catch "something womanly" in "Astrons" forms and D6-A had got corresponding voice timbre (droid movement dynamics and universal translator's vocabulary were also corrected but insignificantly). This trick had a tremendous success and "Astrons" began to force out D3-O "Oberon" from use (that had an influence to the clan relations, of course). "Nova Robotics" undertook some desperate attempts to save the situation and produced a line of improved modification of basic "Oberon" model. But by the beginning of the Lentulian conflict it was all clear with the "Oberons" destiny. Nevertheless, humans didn't attend at all lighten or weaken construction of their "child", because even droids that were intended for domestic use had to act in extreme situations (for example, stewards at ships and space stations wrecks). Droids of "Astron" class have got the brain, contained in the individual armored capsule with separate power supply. By the way, it is located in its "thorax" – exactly this circumstance (but not the designers' attempts, as malicious gossips tell) causes some bulging forms. Besides, droids of this type have reinforced skeleton and joints, and also duplicated spine, arms and legs drives. As a result "Astron" is inferior to "Matubo" or "Dagger" in armor, so it's rather easy to harm it, but it is infernally hard to destroy it (not to mention D6-A high maneuverability). This circumstance was marked the first time by private guard agencies, then "Astrons" got the attention of police and Fleet: by the beginning of Lentulian conflict construction of the combat modification of this droid type was already started.

Parkan 2 Artwork 3
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