Parkan 2 Card 4
Parkan 2 Foil 4
Name: Dagger
Game: Parkan 2
Series: 1
Card Number: 4 of 5
Description: «Dagger» is a droid, designed by the initiative of the company NOVATech («Nova Droid Technology & Engineering Co») to take part in the contest proclaimed by the Command of the Nova Self-defence forces. At first this device was positioned as a good battle machine. Its main tasks were guarding, patrol service and observation. After "Dagger" has lost the contest, NOVATech produced an experimental series of automatic guards - in hope to recieve orders from outside. Seen that these hopes were not realized, a new industrial droid on the base of the D2-D chassis was created (using 70% of original design). By the time of the Lentulian conflict "Dagger" came out of time greatly, but it was used in industry - for example on the enriching plants. While model D2D-D has saved considerable rudiments of the construction of battle machines, a part of "daggers" was again remade for the battle use. Because of the peculiarities of the application before the war - battle zones, enriching plants - "Daggers" are good specialists in the propulsion systems of the ship. Unfortunately, in all other uses D2-D couldn't even use their technological advantages.

Parkan 2 Artwork 4
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