Parkan 2 Card 1
Parkan 2 Foil 1
Name: Matubo
Game: Parkan 2
Series: 1
Card Number: 1 of 5
Description: D5-M «Matubo» robots were developed on Tengry in collaboration with "General Humanoid Robotics" specialists. New droids were intended for geology exploring, tunnel digging and rescue operations. As Tengry is a young planet, its volcanic activity is rather high, its crust is rich with heavy metal and a gravitation force on the surface is 1,57 g and this all with a nasty eternally damp climate. It's easy to understand that in such conditions rescue qualification is a rather useful addition to the abilities of mining robot. Due to the same reason specialized device has got rather full-blown human communication interface (The truth is that it works in rather narrow range). "Matubo" robots not only worked with humans – frequently they were obliged to communicate with accidents and catastrophes victims, whose behavior was, without another words, non-adequate (miner occupation on Tengry is far from the most tranquil one). That's why these droids' personality was formed as a "phlegmatic" one – robot that is head for the composure actions in extreme situations in usual life seems… hmmm how to put it… a little bit "thick-skinned". As a result was developed a mighty and non-capricious, but slow and stupid by sight droid (appearance and behavior of "Matubo" have deluded even usually keen "Xenords"). Exceptional "Matubo" qualities helped these droids to survive in large number during barbarian bombardments of the Ore Worlds (that were colonized by Tengry natives and therefore allied with the Ring) at the time of Lentulian conflict.

Parkan 2 Artwork 1
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