Parkan 2 Card 2.png
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Name: Parkan
Game: Parkan 2
Series: 1
Card Number: 2 of 5
Description: S7F "Parkan"
"Parkan" – name of the head ship of project 347-F. It was developed specially by the order of the Space Fleet and was built in the Moon shipyard Admiralty. Ships of this type are hyper starships with an unlimited range of action, the rest mass is from 19 up to 26 thousand tons (depending on the series). The crew - up to 8 people – is standard for a support cruiser FIS ("Federal Investigation Service"), but a standard battle modification used by the Fleet or Patrol is controlled by one pilot alone, who works in constant contact with a symbiont-AI of the "Wiener XXVII" type (or higher) and with a set of 12 support AIs. The "Parkan" modification, which appeared after the Lentulian crisis, are equipped with the NET generators and drone launchers.

Parkan 2 Artwork 2.jpg
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