Parkan 2 Card 5
Parkan 2 Foil 5
Name: Dagger
Game: Parkan 2
Series: 1
Card Number: 5 of 5
Description: D4-X «Xenord» (a commercial name of an export model) is an original research of IHRA («Industrial & Humanoid Robots Association»). By designers' concept, this droid is a rather universal device. As many other creations of Burrat engineers, basic Xenord is a rather big and heavy, sturdy and shows really terrifying durability. On Burrat ships with their traditionally small crews D4-X «Xenord»'s universality was put to the test. Ironically, durability and universality (and, therefore, a high price) of Xenords became an obstacle for wide use of these devices – in fact IHRA export program had failed and was cut down. This explains the small amount of "Xenords" that survived Lentulian conflict.

Parkan 2 Artwork 5
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