RefleX Card 3
RefleX Foil 3
Name: ZODIAC Libra
Game: RefleX
Series: 1
Card Number: 3 of 7
Description: One of the twelve original Raiwat Army ZODIAC weapons that devastated the Raiwat home world and boss of the final area: Judge. Libra is the last remaining ZODIAC weapon. It has a self-righteous personality, and when it sights the awakened Ophiuchus, it opens fire without hesitation to prove the righteousness of its actions. By this time, the Raiwat have already begun their withdrawal and they never see how the fight ends. The Libra Core is known as Zuriel. Developed by the ancient Raiwat, it contains the personality of the Raiwat who bio-dived into it. It is cautious, but at times can be quite bold. This is apparent in its willingness to use the dangerous Apocalypse Buster.

RefleX Artwork 3
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