Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Card 6
Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Foil 6
Name: Eidolans
Game: Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
Series: 1
Card Number: 6 of 6
Description: These two ladies are actually just one sentient creature. Once human and arguably still human, the Eidolans are a path of the Solarian race who employ sophisticated holoneural technology in order to appear others not as they are, but as they chose to be: their Eidolan avatars.

Now I know what you're thinking: which one's the avatar? An Eidolan avatar can appear as almost anything, so you can never be sure. And it's not just the look either; avatars can fool all the sense of the various Solarian paths -- except for Polyhapterans, but those floating orbs are like Swiss Army knives of senses.

The way they beam the avatar into your head is the subject much controversy. Every Eidolan is the carrier of an aggressive nanite virus. These airborne microbes enter any suitable host and immediately begin constructing the Eidolan Reticulum, which has a lot in common with both an antenna and a taser. Because the reticulum is so invasive, creeping through the convolutions of the host's brain, the Solarian council ruled that the Eidolans must redesign their virus to prompt recipients with the option to keep or metabolize their reticulum upon infection.

Despite the controversy and the resultant ruling, studies show that the vast majority of visitors to Eidola will choose to accept the reticulum. This may be due to the fact that after several centuries of breeding without concern for physical qualities, the Eidolans have become a rather aesthetically challenged people.

Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Artwork 6
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