Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Card 5
Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Foil 5
Name: Mohmils
Game: Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
Series: 1
Card Number: 5 of 6
Description: Mohmils originate from the small planet of Keese just beyond the Fourth Ring, where great salt deserts stretch like the once blue oceans of Earth. Not surprisingly, they've developed a taste for notoriously salty cuisine. A mannerly Mohmil will welcome you into his hutch with a bowl of salt. With a little fortune, it might even be hiding a peanut.

Mohmils claim that their success as a spacefaring race is due to their superior cunning and dexterous paws, but statisticians pin the causality on their prolific breeding. It's common for a single hutch to contain a thousand siblings. Liberated from the harsh environmental conditions of their homeworld, the Mohmish race has spread like wildfire across the vastness of space, as if trying to plug it with their very fur.

The most prosperous Mohmils make their fortunes as salvagers and trinket merchants. This, they are assured -- and not their mousy appearance -- has earned them the label of "packrats," a term they roundly resent. But no amount of snickering and snide epithets could dissuade them from these professions -- not while they're so conducive to whisker growing.

Mohmish whiskers only grow in times of opulence, and it is rumored that only virile males can grow them in abundance -- a fact which reputable science has yet to prove. Facial hair is the primary determiner of status in Mohmish society, and transplants are an ostracizable offense.

Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Artwork 5
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