Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Card 2
Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Foil 2
Name: Skwell
Game: Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
Series: 1
Card Number: 2 of 6
Description: The Skwell are an asexual, gelatinous race known for their good manners among many qualities. Skwell traveling abroad will typically take on a cubic form, which they have deemed their "business shape." Their ability to directly interface with electronic equipment has earned them countless positions and technicians across the universe.

They've also earned a reputation for making excellent nannies, carefully regulating the temperature, nutrients, and external stimuli that filter through the semi-vitreous humors of their body. Subsequently, they are preferred 1 to a 1000 to Mohmish daycare operators by First Path Solarian parents.

Skwellachi cuisine has raised a few concerns when it was discovered that they were cooking with their own skimmings. However, Solarian studies conducted on the product Vegamite, which is nearly pure Skwell Skimmings, have demonstrated no deleterious effects. The various flavors are achieved by housing the Skwell "chefs" in different atmospheres of "ingredients."

Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Artwork 2
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