Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Card 3
Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Foil 3
Name: Sophians
Game: Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
Series: 1
Card Number: 3 of 6
Description: Sophians are born with hereditary memory. They have the knowledge and memories of all of their ancestors. Long ago, their culture developed strict, hierarchical breeding structures known as "The Pyramids" with the purpose of producing offspring that carried the complete memories of a lineage. War raged between the Pyramids for millennia. Decades of peace talks couldn't overcome a million lifetimes' worth of harbored hatred. In the end, only one pyramid still stood: The Soheren.

The Sophian homeworld of Veredos is located at the center of the universe, but its people no longer live on its once fertile soil. They live on the eight tiers of planetworks, giant metal webs that orbit the planet's tired husk like clockwork. Individuals are assigned to the tiers according to their standing within the Soheren Pyramid.

And soaring high above it all is the Centower, home of The Capstone, Teros Soheren Greyan. It was his invention of the anchor drive that has allowed for universal travel and, consequently, civilization. And it was his command to turn this technology into a weapon, capable of reducing planets to asteroid fields with a single speck of sand fired at unfathomable speed, that has made him the undisputed ruler of The Consortium of the Inner Rings.

Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Artwork 3
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