Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Card 4
Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Foil 4
Name: Valoraphs
Game: Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
Series: 1
Card Number: 4 of 6
Description: The Valoraphim didn't always bear a resemblance to the angels of classical Solarian religion. With concerns spanning from cosmetic to cosmic, their metamorphosis took centuries of extensive genetic manipulation, all beginning and ending long before first contact with the men of earth. Since then, images of their previous form have been struck from all murals and records.

Golden palaces and temples dot the asteroids of what was once their homeworld, Miraval. There, in the light of the star Atamal, The Royal Gincleare Family rules in all matters of Valoraph culture. Laws and legal arbitrations, however, are the domain of the Sophian leaders of the CIR, the very hands responsible for shattering Miraval with a single anchor round.

Mysteries and prophecies define the Valoraphim race. Although only the purer-blood royals are fully winged, their transformation allows them to survive through extreme temperatures and in the absence of an atmosphere -- almost as if the ancients knew their race would have to survive in the bareness of space.

Ring Runner Flight of the Sages Artwork 4
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