Space Run Card 1
Space Run Foil 1
Name: Buck Mann
Game: Space Run
Series: 1
Card Number: 1 of 7
Description: You are captain Buck Mann (kind of an ironic since you don't have a buck to your name.)
You pride yourself in being the best fraking pilot in the galaxy, if not the universe. You once flew for Earth Force. Later you became a hot item on the space racing tour. You are a rugged individualist, your own man, a man’s man.
Problem is, you do have a bit of a gambling "habit" that gets you in trouble time and again. Long story short, you now owe the mob a LOT of credits. Being out of money and in debt over your head, you are forced to accept jobs piloting big bulky cargo ships. Much to your chagrin you are now a "Space Runner" making Space Run after Space Run.

Space Run Artwork 1
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