Special Card Sets

Alongside card sets attached to titles, Valve has also released several special trading card sets based around seasonal sales. Users could earn cards from completing various activities related to the sale or by crafting game badges. These cards only drop while the sale is going on and expire after the sale has concluded.

Like with cards attached to games, these sale cards can be crafted into special sale badges. Unlike game badges, sale badges have no level limits and can be crafted again and again an infinite number of times. Many of the highest leveled Steam profiles reached their levels by crafting these sale badges thousands of times.[1][2] Prior to Steam Awards 2016, these cards could only be crafted into for the duration of the sale. For Steam Awards 2016 cards, badges could still be crafted a month after the sale ended.[3]

Set Name Added
2013 Summer Sale
2013 Holiday Sale
2014 Summer Sale
2014 Holiday Sale
2015 Summer Sale
2015 Holiday Sale
2016 Summer Sale
2016 Winter Sale
2017 Summer Sale
2017 Winter Sale
2018 Summer Sale
2018 Winter Sale
2019 Winter Sale
2020 Summer Sale
2020 Winter Sale
2021 Summer Sale
2021 Winter Sale

Some events didn't feature any trading cards, but did include obtainable badges, emoticons, etc.

Set Name Added
2019 Lunar New Year Sale
  • Grand Prix Summer Sale 2019
2019 Summer Sale
2020 Lunar New Year Sale

Starting with Holiday Sale 2013, Mysterious cards have dropped about a week before a summer or winter sale. These cards eventually turned into sale cards once the sales began.

Set Name Added prior to the...
2013 Holiday Sale
2014 Summer Sale
2015 Summer and Holiday Sales
2016 Summer and Winter Sales
2017 Summer and Winter Sales
2018 Summer and Winter Sales
2019 Winter Sale
2020 Winter Sale

In addition, there's some sets which have been created but are impossible to obtain.

Set Name


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