Star Wolves 3 Civil War Card 9
Star Wolves 3 Civil War Foil 9
Name: Black Stormcrow
Game: Star Wolves 3: Civil War
Series: 1
Card Number: 9 of 10
Description: Good fighters are rare in the border sector, almost as rare as vessels of the third or fourth generation. However, thanks to extensive modifications, border pilots manage to squeeze similar performance from lower-grade ships. Black Stormcrow is one of the most successful mods of this kind. Having kept the excellent maneuverability of the original Stormcrow, border craftsmen managed to install another heavy gun and add some armor plates. Despite the increased firepower comparable to that of ships of the 3rd or even 4th generation, its durability leaves much to be desired.

Star Wolves 3 Civil War Artwork 9
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