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The Company template should always be included on any Publisher/Developer page that have games which include Steam trading cards. This should generally come before anything else on the page. The layout will look like the following:


{{Infobox company
|title = Developer or Publisher Name
|image = Someimage.jpg
|caption = Explain the image
|slogan = Slogan as shown on the developer/publisher page
|previous_names = List or singular entry of previous names
|alias = List or singular entry of alias
|website = List or singular entry of websites
|socials = List or singular entry of socials
|parents = List or singular entry of parents
|publishers = List or singular entry of publishers
|developer_link = Store link name
|publisher_link = Store link name
|games = Amount of all games developed for/published.
|software = Amount of all software developed for/published.


The possible sections to add are:

title Required The name of the developer/publisher.
image Required An image that has been uploaded to the wiki that represents the company.
caption Optional The date on which cards were added for the game. Not the game's release date.
slogan Optional The slogan that is on the respective beta page for the developer/publisher.
previous_names Preferred The previous name/s of the company.
alias Optional If there are any popular/well-known alias of the companies name, list them here.
website Required The official website for the developer/publisher.
socials Preferred List of all the socials for the company.
parents Optional List of parents for the company.
publishers Optional Only if the Developer is not publishers for their own games.
developer_link Preferred Type: The developer name in the link of their developer page.
publisher_link Preferred Type: The developer name in the link of their developer page.
games Preferred All games that they've developed for/published.
software Preferred All software that they've developed for/published.


{{Infobox company
|title = 
|image = 
|caption = 
|slogan = 
|previous_names = 
|alias = 
|website = 
|socials = 
|parents = 
|publishers = 
|developer_link = 
|publisher_link = 
|games = 
|software = 


Type this:

{{Infobox company
|title = Bethesda
|image = Bethesda Logo.jpg
|caption = Bethesda Logo
|slogan = N/A
|previous_names = Bethesda Softworks
|alias = N/A
|website = []
|socials =
* [ Twitch TV]
* [ Twitter]
* [ YouTube]
|publishers = N/A
|developer_link = bethesda
|publisher_link = 
|games = '''66'''
|software = N/A

to see this: