Steam Trading Cards Wiki

An Infobox game should be included in any game that includes Steam trading cards. This should generally come before anything else on the page. The layout will look like the following:


{{Infobox game
|image = someimage.jpg
|title = Game_or_Set_Name
|first = mm/dd/yyyy
|NoCards = #
|Developer = [[Some Company]]
|Publisher = [[Some Company]]
|Steamlink = XXXXXX

Deprecated syntax:
The following format for the Steamlink parameter is possible, but the above (using only the game number) is preferable.

| Steamlink = [ Steam]


The possible sections to add are:

title Required The game or set's name
image Optional An image that has been uploaded to the wiki that represents the game or set.
first Required The date on which cards were added for the game. Not the game's release date.
NoCards Required The number of cards in the set.
Developer Preferred The developer of the game.
Publisher Optional If its the same as the Developer, no need to include it.
Steamlink Required Type:
• The game number (App ID)
• the link to the game in the Steam store (deprecated )
no (if the game is not in Steam Store)


{{Infobox game
|title = 
|image = 
|first = 
|NoCards = 
|Developer = 
|Publisher = 
|Steamlink = 


Type this:

{{Infobox game
|title = This is a test
|first = This is a test
|NoCards = This is a test
|Developer = This is a test
|Publisher = This is a test
|Steamlink = This is a test

to see this: