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This template is used to create pages for trading cards. The general layout is this:

|Game = The name of the files associated with the game. This is usually the name of the game, but because some symbols can't be included in file names (such as colons), that's not always true. If the game's proper name is different from the file names, then also include GameName
|GameName = The proper game of the game, as in the title article of that game. If this is the same as the file names associated with the game, then this attribute can be skipped
|No = The number of this card in the set. The first card in the set is 1, the second is 2, etc
|SetCards = The number of cards in the set
|CardName = The name of the card
|Description = The description of the card. If left empty, will be replaced by "-" (to indicate that there is no description.) If the description is DESCRIPTION (capitalization matters), then the Unfinished Card category will be added and the description will be replaced by "-"

As empty, ready to be filled template:

|Game = 
|GameName = 
|No = 
|SetCards = 
|CardName = 
|Description =