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Name: Alien Race: Acutian
Game: The Last Federation
Series: 1
Card Number: 1 of 8
Description: The Acutians - These dirty industrial robots are very capitalistic and just generally kind of jerks. Instead of a traditional political leadership, they just have a collection of 3 CEOs at each planet that you have to negotiate. These CEOs will only do things that help the industries that they own companies in (out of 17 industries). You can sabotage or help industries so that at the next industry quorum some of the unlikable CEOs get voted out. You can also bribe the CEOs to get somewhat better deals on things.

These guys are willing to do things to other races that many of the other races are not, depending on which industries the CEOs of the local planet represent. They'll work to undermine rival economies, or dump toxic waste on other planets for the right price, etc. Even hurl a moon at another planet for you. I guess the reason I love these guys so much is that they are basically self-interested sociopaths that always act in their own best interest. To me, this race makes #3 on the list of villain races in the solar system.

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