The Last Federation Card 04
The Last Federation Card 04 Foil
Name: Alien Race: Burlusts
Game: The Last Federation
Series: 1
Card Number: 4 of 8
Description: The Burlusts - Incredibly warlike as a race, and fighting is all they know. They're physically the second-strongest race in the solar system, only behind the terrifying thoraxians.

Interestingly, these guys are not susceptible to the normal Credit that is your usual political/social/economic currency in the game. That is one of (many) things that makes the Burlusts particularly difficult to deal with politically. Instead of using the Credit system, these guys work entirely on bribes and blackmail.

At each planet there is a prime warlord, and then two secondary ones that are vying for power. You can blackmail any of them, depending on what sort of information you are able to buy either on the black market or from evuck spies. The blackmail can lead to internal fighting and some of the warlords getting knocked off and replaced by whoever rises to the top. Bribing them gives you an ability to request limited favors from them, but the bribes they are interested in can typically only be found by raiding pirate bases in the asteroid belt. Not so simple.

I find these guys really interesting as a villain race, but also because if the circumstances are not right (their planet is too cold, for instance), they can be really weak and thus can be turned into strange sorts of allies. Or if you get them into the federation early, you can wield them kind of like a crazy self-swinging axe... that you have to work hard to keep from chopping the wrong thing... repeatedly. "With friends like these," right?

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