The Last Federation Card 05
The Last Federation Card 05 Foil
Name: Alien Race: Evucks
Game: The Last Federation
Series: 1
Card Number: 5 of 8
Description: The Evucks - Paranoid and fairly amoral is I guess the best way to describe these fellas. You can bribe individual council members, or assassinate them, or whatever (as with a lot of the races). But dealing with them politically is always pretty difficult, because they get annoyed with you for interfering with their internal affairs even when you do them a good turn.

Every time you do a deal with them, they wind up resenting you for a while, and further deals cost more for a while. "Oh you just helped us save our economy? Well get out of here buddy, we don't need your kind around here!" ...right.

What I particularly love about these guys is that they fall into the "just insane enough to do that" category, partly due to their paranoia. If they really hate another race, they're prone to formulating a really horrible disease to unleash on the other race. If it looks like they might lose a war on a gas giant they live on, well, they'll try to ignite that gas giant and "glass" half the solar system. Etc.

They're also a good place to get blackmail on the Burlusts from, since they're constantly spying on everyone else. They even use that spy power to steal tons of technology from other races, making them one of the most technologically advanced by virtue of this alone. And yet, unlike some of the other races, they're completely unwilling to ever share their technologies.

This is one of those races that I personally am not typically going to be rushing to help immediately or whatever... but you can bet I'll always have my eye on these guys because they are freaking nuts!

The Last Federation Artwork 05
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