The Last Federation Card 06
The Last Federation Card 06 Foil
Name: Alien Race: Peltian
Game: The Last Federation
Series: 1
Card Number: 6 of 8
Description: The Peltians - Communist agrarian... barn owls with snouts, I guess. These guys are terrible at ground combat. I mean, just abysmal. If they get invaded by some other race, they're going to just get absolutely rolled.

Fortunately for them, in space combat they have ships just as good as anyone else. Unfortunately for everyone else, the peltians are quite aware of just how stink they are at ground combat... and so the peltians compensate for that by bombing the heck out of their enemies when they are on offense. Not only do their ships bomb enemy planets from orbit, but their "ground troops" load into suicide pods that explode on contact with enemy planets, dealing damage to not just enemy citizens but also infrastructure.

Politically, these guys are very different to deal with than the other races. In some ways they are the simplest race to deal with politically, as they are very straightforward with their desires; but on the other hand, you have to kind of baby them, at some opportunity cost to dealing with the other races. Like the burlusts, the peltians do not use the common Credit that all the other races do. Instead, as you do contracts for them, you gain voting proxies in their collective. It doesn't take many proxies at all to pass deals with them, but it means that if you want a lot of deals with them, you have to do contracts with them specifically. Hence the opportunity cost.

The Last Federation Artwork 06
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