The Last Federation Card 08
The Last Federation Card 08 Foil
Name: Alien Race: Skylaxians
Game: The Last Federation
Series: 1
Card Number: 8 of 8
Description: The Skylaxians - This is a very honorable, very scientific race. They are a bit above-average at combat, and in general are a very well-rounded race. They'll like you less if you do underhanded things, and the same is true of other alien races as well. They'll often step in when one race is bullying another too hard.

They are really interesting in part because they can be used to backdoor their friends into the federation even if that friend really hates you. So let's say that the skylaxians and the acutians really become absolutely best friends. You can piss off the acutians to no end, then, and use that to further some ends with other races (say, dealing with the thoraxians). And then, just when the acutians are about to murder you, you use your influence with the skylaxians to get them to use their influence with the acutians to bring the acutians into the federation.

That's really interesting to me, because the skylaxians can really be used as a key part of some very long-term advanced strategies. Particularly strategies of brinkmanship. When directly interacting with them, they are kind of vanilla; but as a strategic pawn (ahem, I mean political partner), they open up some of my favorite kinds of strategies in the game.

The Last Federation Artwork 08
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