The Last Federation Card 07
The Last Federation Card 07 Foil
Name: Alien Race: Thoraxians
Game: The Last Federation
Series: 1
Card Number: 7 of 8
Description: It is always hard to pick an absolute favorite race, but I think that mine would have to be these guys. They are definitely the #1 villainous scourge of the solar system, no question. If left unchecked, they are prone to taking over half the solar system and establishing a Fear Empire or a Thoraxian Protectorate.

They don't take prisoners, and their ground troops are super good at murdering everybody they meet. Like the Burlusts, all of their citizens count as both ground troops and civilians, which can be pretty deadly. Since they are a hive mind, they don't have to worry about crime on their planets. They are pretty standoff-ish about the political deals that they are willing to make, too.

Better yet? The hive queens are moody. Each planet has a single queen, and her mood shifts every so often. Her mood is a bit random, but is heavily weighted by what is going on with her situation at the time. These moods have a nontrivial impact on what deals she will do with you, and how much they cost in BP, etc.

As with a number of the other races, you can assassinate hive queens. This reduces how much overall influence you can ever have with their race, and reduces your current influence with them even more. However, killing a queen will throw her planet into absolute turmoil, and prevent the births of new workers until a new queen rises to take her place in a few months. This can be an interesting way to temporarily suppress their race... but at substantial long-term risk. Better have something good in the pipeline to make this worth it.

I particularly love the "villain" races in the game because they actually can be "good" under certain circumstances, and you can get them to be productive members of the federation. But it's harder, and oftentimes you'll instead wind up on the other side of bloody conflicts with them. Getting all eight races into the federation with none of them being wiped out is a fun challenge, made particularly hard by the Thoraxians.

The Last Federation Artwork 07
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