• That's GOT to be the most lazy trading card implementation of a re-release I've ever seen. Never have I seen pure recyclage. Considering everything is the same (bar a few cards) I don't see why we simply can't use the same images, rather than duplicates. For the badge didn't notice that but we can just use #4 twice. I don't see any need to upload the same image twice just cause a developer is lazy.

    Having said that the 'Remastered' badges are still modified to appear as marked for deletion and I modified the artwork and original badges to have original and remastered categories (for which 5 would need to be revoked then). Or should they all be restored to their original?

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    • I put off finishing that game for precisely these reasons, but in the meantime I decided that (in my opinion--can't speak for anyone else) uploading duplicate images that have been reused on Steam are fine, where the ones I've been marking for deletion are duplicates of what's intended to be one unique image. There are literally tens or hundreds of thousands of images just on this wiki, so an extra 22 otherwise identical to others won't make a big difference.

      What the filename structure does is unambiguously tag a specific image as, say, No Time To Explain Remastered Badge Level 1, instead if 5000 copies of "01.png" (besides that Wikia tries to say 01.png is also used on 5000 other wikis). It also makes it easier to link to an image for the Emoticon and Profile Background galleries. Furthermore, how would one decide which file is the "original"? Would NTTE Remastered Badge 4 be it because it's number is lower? Or 5, because it's the "correct" one? Less clear-cut, there's one game that uses literally the same image for two different cards (it's uploaded once and linked to both)... I believe I uploaded it only once, but that the two different cards share one filename makes it confusing to anyone who doesn't realize the designer did that intentionally, and might assume I made a mistake if they don't bother to or know how to read the update comments.

      Mostly, I feel it's simpler to just leave what's done done and move on to the next WIP, even if it gets on my nerves that someone uploaded a 01.png again. I don't remember which game had the shared artwork for two cards, or I'd fix it, but almost no one is going to care that it looks like an error, so long as what the page displays is technically accurate.

      (Also, the Millennium game series emotes are a perfect example of not even bothering with comparing the images across games, since they're all just slightly different from each other.)

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    • I don't mean to ramble, particularly this late, but I can't relax, otherwise =p

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    • I think you mean Incoming Forces? Yeah, definitely a headscratcher (that's not a tank!) I think it's an error on the developers side rather than intended behavior though. Or another one entirely?

      And my opinion is because we indeed have so many files, it's only more clutter everywhere to have 2 of the same. We can easily solve it for emoticons by giving it two lines, one the original name, other the remastered, rather than having 2 entries).

      Just my point of view though.

      EDIT: (It's 13.00 hereĀ ;))

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    • To me, it only feels like "clutter" when the files are haphazardly uploaded and not linked anywhere (have been fixing that when I can).

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