• Thanks for editing this Page. :)

    I'm new on this Forum/Wiki and i don't know how to make the Standard-Format for the Pages.. :)



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    • No problem! I'm a bit OCD and really like having things in order. Luckily, this is a wiki that benefits from standardized page formats, vs. the clutter of most others =p

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    • Greetings again. :)

      I only will say thanks again for the great work on Don't Starve Together. Now i have a perfect template: "How to make a Standard-Format-Page".

      I'm very very excited, that's why i say thanks again. :)

      Maybe u will take a look at "my" new Page:

      I hope it's better than the first try with Don't Starve. :) Have a nice Day! :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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