• Hey Caluril, for some weird reason the way the explained to me to get all the (foil) cards doesn't work with Total War: SHOGUN 2. Can you make it work? If i try to use that way but it just brings me to my badges page instead of the correct foil cards page of the game.

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    • I don't know why posts to other people's walls show up on wiki activity, but I noticed this, so...

      For some strange reason, a few games have the 'wrong' SteamID for their cards.  They're the same 99% of the time, but the other 1%... I have no idea why - probably some technical reason. This seems to be one of them.  Anyway, in this case, the 'right' SteamID for the SHOGUN 2 cards is 34330.

      In this case, I found it by looking at PalmDesert's Steam badges page. I tend to use his (and some of the other highest-level people's pages) to check on things like badges. His is at

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    • Ok, thanks!

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    • I'm sorry ... I have only just found the message (yesterday was a long day for me and I needed some sleep).

      Drocket is correct, Steam Store has for Shogun 2 a "wrong ID" in the shop ... (by the way, would only have to search a bit to find the correct ID)

      the cards are already added ... so that the request has done here :)

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    • Yes, I've added them myself when Drocket responded. Ow and i really don't know why it came up on your notifications Drocket. And not much of an expert on that part.

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