• I tested out the whole Profile Background pages thing when I made 'The Lion's Song', 'Injustice 2' and finally 'South Park: The Fractured But Whole'. But we would need to create a template, so I'll look into the coding templates thing.

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    • I'm an admin and a bureaucrat in the Civilization Wiki, and I'm especially proud of our templates. With Lua programming they are really powerful, but they were pretty epic already with the plain MediaWiki syntax. Drop me a line if you need any help with any kind of templates. :) This wiki could really use some more advanced templates and I've got some ideas already.

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    • Well, I went ahead and created {{Badges}}. By default the template takes the name of the page it resides on (i.e. the name of the game) and generates a gallery of badge images. If the badge image names don't match the page name, there's a possibility to add a parameter "game" to define the badge image prefix.

      For now there's no other fancy logic. If badge images are missing, it'll show a link to the uploader. It also does not support the cases where there might be more than six (five plus foil) badges.

      I made the template using the MediaWiki syntax only, but if you like it and find it should be developed further, I could rewrite it in Lua. So in case you do like it, I ask you to not to spread the template into further articles quite yet, until we've worked out what features it should have.

      For now I've deployed it into just two articles: Sid Meier's Civilization V and Train Valley. The former one has all the badges, the latter one is missing the foil badge. In case of Train Valley the code on the article looks like this:

      |Choo Choo loco
      |Shining loco
      |Furious loco
      |Supersonic loco
      |Legendary loco

      And in case of Civilization V, where the image file names do not contain the apostrophe, the code looks like this:

      |game=Sid Meiers Civilization V
      |Scouting Badge
      |Cover Badge
      |Range Badge
      |Attack Badge
      |Siege Badge
      |Interceptor Foil Badge
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    • i was thinking it would be cool if we also make some boilerplates

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    • What did you have in mind, Tythesly?

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    • Just premade page templates so we dont have to copy and paste everything and can just fill in the blanks. I used to use them on the Farmville wikia and its extremely helpful to new editors and makes things quicker for more experienced ones.

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