• I seemed to have added a bunch of informatino regarding that game (since I couldn't find it or a wiki) and didn't realize it was the "". So my first question is I guess, should I make my own Life is Hard wiki and cut & paste the information I made over to it? And my second is, do I need anything special or specific for the wiki as it'd be my first.

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    • Hey MagicMan,

      Yeah that info doesn't belong on this Wiki. You can indeed start a new Wikia for Life is Hard, or make a page about the game on the English Wikipedia. Although I think the text needs to be a bit more encyclopedic before it gets accepted there.

      And no you don't need to do anything special. Everyone can make a new Wikia. You can make a new Wikia here:

      I'll leave the info here for a day or two so you can copy paste it from the page, but we'll need to remove it from this Wiki after that. So please do copy it for yourself (to a Word document, to Windows Notepad, or to another Wiki) as soon as you can. Saving it at least offline will make sure you can't loose it permanently. Not sure how you edit wikia's, but if you edit in source edit, you can copy paste the code 1 on 1.

      Let me know when you've copied it!

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    • I've copied it. Thank you for your patience and help. 

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    • No probs!

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    • A FANDOM user
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