• Hi. Since Applemasterexpert said that I ask you to be admin rights. Could I be an admin to keep contributing this wiki? Thanks.

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    • Hey CoolEd1,

      I have noticed your recent dedication to the Wiki, and will review some of your past edits to see if you'd make a good admin; as there are currently over 20 admins (most are no longer active though) and we want to be careful who has control over the pages contained within this Wiki.

      As you already know, you should be able to do most of what "we" (Admins) do already without being promoted to an Admin: you should be able to create and edit pages, upload images, add categories, and all the other stuff that is vital to this Wiki.

      However if you do want the added functions and features of an Admin and the responsibilites that come with it, I will look into the processes behind promoting you to an Admin, after I'm sure that you'd be a good choice.

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    • A FANDOM user
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