• After a lengthy decision process, [involving reviewing your edits, ensuring that you are continually maintaining the high standard expected of this Wiki throughout your edits, and finally ensuring that you are fundamentally progessing the Wiki forward (adding/creating rather than destroying)] I have decided to accept your request for Admin status, which has now been applied to you.

    Now I don't imagine I will have any issues, but just a friendly warning that if for any reason you aren't complying with the rules of our wiki or are missusing/abusing your Admin Status (as I said I trust that you'll be fine) I would have to take the necessary actions to revoke this new status.

    But I trust that you will continually improve this wiki as you have been recently.

    And look forward to working with you as a fellow Admin on this Wiki, throughout the year.

    Enjoy your new Admin Status Mate!

    Regards, Clinton [The1stPixel9193]

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