• Hi there! I noticed you've been pretty active lately, so in case you happen to be creating new game pages, I figured I'd bring it to your attention that I've created a few new templates that make it pretty easy and clean to create new game pages: {{cards}}, {{badges}}, {{emoticons}}, {{artwork}}, {{backgrounds}}, {{booster}}. I'd love it if, when you create new pages, you could use those templates and act as a kind of beta-tester, giving me some feedback in case there's something to improve with them? I've been using the Heat Signature page as my personal test lab, check out its code to see how the templates are used. So far I've been discussing these with User:Kennyannydenny, who is an admin and a bureaucrat, and he likes them, so I've got the go-ahead "from the top". :D Cheers!

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    • That sounds great, gonna try those out. Thanks for informing me.

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