• Dear Caluril,

    Could you please try and do everything on a page in one/two edits. Its ok to forget something and adding it in a different edit, but doing so much small edits on one page, that could easily have been one big edit (like on Grid 2) is not generally something we want. This doesn't give a good oversight of all edits that have been done.

    Ow and please stop changing the spaces in the file names to _. In the code it doesn't matter which one you use, but we tend not to use the _ where you could also use a space. The pages for the files itself (like File:Kowloon Dragons.png) also don't use the _, they are only used in the url of the page.

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    • well... next time I will work with less edits ... and I will stop changing other image names the spaces in _ .

      But... I have one question:
      For the edits I use the source mode ... and there the file names are displayed after upload to me with the _
      and just as was the filename in the editor window (source mode) displayed
      (picture upload via gallery-button in "Add features and media" on the right side)
      All the files I uploaded, have _ in the filename. Should I use spaces instead of the _ for the next image names?

      What I mean is:
      The next entry, I wanted to edit is "Warframe" ... where, for example, no booster pack not yet uploaded.

      How should I designate these file for uploading (and all other images for future uploads) ... with spaces or _?
      for example:
      Warframe Booster Pack.png instead of Warframe_Booster_Pack.png

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    • You cannot upload pictures without the use of _, it would place them there automaticly. But that doesn't mean you should place them in an article that way. It uploads them automaticly as "Warframe_Booster_Pack.png" but you should place them in articles as Warframe Booster Pack.png.

      "For the edits I use the source mode ... and there the file names are displayed after upload to me with the _"

      I also always edit in source mode. Some of them show with the _, but thats because someone placed them there. I think the names were directly copied from the url. But thats nothing i can't fix with my bot, but please don't change spaces into _ in the future. Any existing things can be fixed by meĀ ;)

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    • Personally, I prefer the _ over spaces. Possibly because I've done a lot or programing in the past, where I always tended to use ridiculously_long_variable_names, but also because I feel like the _ is the 'real' file name. Wikia may allow spaces to help people who don't know anything about wikitext, but that seems more like a user nicity than how things 'should' be.

      Also, in some cases, it can cause problems with the parsing. I doesn't matter in something like a gallery, because it knows that its looking for a file name, but in other contexts, if it comes across Some_File_Name.jpg, it knows right from the start that all of that belongs together. If you use spaces, it assumes that the "Some File" part is just text, and then it tries to look for Name.jpg. You have to append File: to fix that problem, which seems messy looking.

      Of course, I don't really see how it matters much one way or the other: you only ever see it when you're in text edit mode, and the system doesn't care one way or the other as long as its marked correctly.

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    • Well personally i think using _ is pretty ugly. I'm also learning to program on my education and i know programmingwise using _ is normal. I just feel like its becoming one big block of text, which i find really annoying. And since in my long career of Wikia/Wikipedia editting i was forced to use a space instead of the _ its more of a habit. And my preference off course.

      "Wikia may allow spaces to help people who don't know anything about wikitext, but that seems more like a user nicity than how things 'should' be."

      But a Wikia is all about that, right? Our Wikia is not very populated at the moment but when you get a bigger community, like we have on the Elder Scrolls Wikia, we should use such 'user nicities', right? Especially for the new users.

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    • My opinion is just that I don't think it matters one way or the other. If you like _, use _, if you like spaces, use spaces. Its pretty much all the same. I guess I can sort of understand why _ might make it look like a wall of text to you, but I've done enough programming that I read _ as spaces without even thinking about it.

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    • Now I'm as smart as before ... I change no more space in _ that's ok ...

      I did not cause any inconsistencies between the different users ... but in the near future I will only use existing images ... if detail pages are to create, because it's not my decision, whether spaces or _ should be at the source code for the file name.

      That means that I create the detail pages for "Crusaders Kings II" for today (with the trading cards, the foil cards, categories and description from the Community market).

      I adjust the sequence of the existing cards the same as the steam page (currently it is not the right order).

      Btw... the game was bad named... not "Crusaders Kings II" ... only "Crusader Kings II" (according to steam gamecards page)

      I have moved the page to the correct name ... was that OK?

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    • Yes, the renaming was a perfectly fine edit. It was indeed an incorrect name.

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    • A FANDOM user
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