• I put up the new game pages, then went to create the category page and - it already exists?  I don't remember doing that. Did I? Then I check the history...  :P

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    • sorry ... I was just doing the sides to create ... was then probably an overlap

      by the way ... "Cloudbuilt" was released on March 20 (not 19 ... see "Supported Games") :D

      and "Warlock 2: the Exiled" already has trading cards, but the game has a release date for the 10 April 2014... currently a candidate for unreleased games?

      Edit: I just saw that Warlock 2: ... was already listed in unreleased games...

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    • That's a bit odd - I must not have created the Warlock 2 page when I put it on the unreleased game page, since it was blank.  Anyway, I added to the help with instructions on making a new trading card page. If any part of it is unclear, feel free to edit it.

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    • BTW, do you have an ideas about what to do with the new Free to Play movie?  For the moment, I put it in the Supported Games category, but its not actually a game. Should we have a Supported Movies category?  Put it with special card sets?

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    • I don't know why Valve released this documentary with trading card support... but I think this is the only movie, which will be released ... that means in my opinion is no extra category or section like "Supported Movies" needed .. but this could be placed at special card sets

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