• Hello, I was wondering ,before I started making to many pages, if there was a specific format you wanted new pages to be made with. I see a lot of inconsistincies with the pages which in the long run can make things confusing.

    I've seen some more basic pages such as this one Hotline Miami, and a few more complex ones like this one Counter Strike Global Offensive. I appreciate the answering of this question, and hope to see the Wiki turn into something great.

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    • I did the Hotline Miami as well as a lot of other pages today (and will be doing more tonight). I have been concentrating on getting the cards up on the page and was going to go back through at a later time and add the other areas such as Badges, Backgrounds, Etc. to match some of the more fleshed out pages but If you want to add those to the pages be my guest.

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    • All right, I'll get what I can filled out, I'm not sure if you know the answer to this Bob, but I noticed there was a emoticon page by itself listing all the games, and I assume was to be filled with all the games, and their emoticons. Should we continue with that, or add an emoticon section to each page.

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    • ATM it's really in process of being decided so please contribute on the Community Portal Talk (it probably will be the best place to organise ourselves)

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    • Personally, I'm really liking the layout of the Scribblenauts Unlimited page, although it's missing a few features.  I'll do a rough layout below adding in a few other features from A.R.E.S. and TF2.

      General Description (when cards were added to the game, description of the cards if applicable, etc.) + the Card Pictures (click on a card on your badge description page, and it should expand into a much larger picture.  Put them into a slide show, width 500, centered, and with the name of each card it's associated with)

      The Badges (Use a Gallery, and make sure to set the background to transparent.  Set the name and level for certain, probably xp.  Need five normal + 1 foil.)

      The Cards (Use a Gallery. Make sure to set the background to transparent and add the name of each card.  We should decide whether to have all the cards lumped together or have separate sections for standard, foil, and booster pack. )

      Backgrounds (Use a Gallery, again transparent, name of each background.  Also, add the rarity, and the separate description if applicable)

      Emoticons (Same as the Background.  Example :bug: Common (Meet something unexpectedly!)

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