• Could you explain to me why some of the game pages are made as categories? I've worked for years on all kinds of Wikipedia's and Wikia's but never encountered that. Why not just make normal page of them, so that if people search for a set game, they don't have to use the "Category:" in front of it. If you just make the pages like Anomaly 2, you can always link to specific card pages through that page. The categories can still exist, but to hold the game page and specific card pages + all the images for that game. This would make a lot more sence.

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    • I've been adding new games to the release list each day as they get released and when I create the link to the pages there is no "category:" there. No idea why or who is adding it.

      As I posted earlier there needs to be a standard to these pages people keep updating pages and it's just a waste of time without a template cause someone is going to have to re-edit the pages whenever Nebthtet decides on a standard for the template.

      But it appears that Nebthtet has decided to give up with this wikia .. been 15 days since he's been around.

      I'll just head to .. updated faster and much better looking.

      Been fun here while it lasted .. I'll still add new games to the list as they release but will not be updating any pages with card details .. for now anyway.

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    • It saddens me to hear you're leaving. You were doing a great job! I also fowarded this message to Xt0rt3r, the admin, and he agreed with the new system. I thought you wanted to know. Well, if we won't see you again, good luck to you.

      Since Nebthtet, Xt0rt3r and I have decided to make a template thats similar to your page Anomaly 2. Only with a few adjustments like an intro and infobox. I'm going to do much work around here: implementing the new system, formatting pages, using categories the right way, creating more templates. If you leave, I hope you'll return one day after i'm finished to see the results :)

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    • Glad to hear that you are coming up with a design ..

      Maybe I was juumping to soon but it just felt like it was not going anywhere. There was no communication going on really.

      This is the first time I've ever really worked on any sort of Wiki and I am be willing to help out more as long as there is a plan in place. I just can not work when there is chaos and no structure. :)

      Let me know when you have a design template and I will definitally help you guys set up more pages. Also if you need help in setting anything up or testing out stuff or whatever please let me know. This whole thiong is new to me but I wold really like to help create a great place to go for information on the Steam Trading Cards

      I'd send you my email address but I see no way to PM or sent messages only you would see. So leave info here and I'll check daily to see what the progress is.

      Looking forward to help in creating a great Wikia.

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