• Hello. Hows it going?  I wanted to talk to you about wiki administration here on the Steam Trading Cards wiki. I believe we talked about it a few months ago, but then I wound up not really doing anything about it... Anyway, I know you're busy with other things, but I think the wiki really needs active administrators, and that's something I would like to do. Lets face it, I'm on here too much already  :P

    I know you can't actually promote me. The wiki's only beaurocrat is Nebthtet, who hasn't been on in a year. I've looked into it and it appears the way to do it is the Wikia wiki adoption program, which allows people to adopt abandoned wikis. I know we're not actually abandoned, since you're around occasionally, but that's just the program they have. And, I guess, we've been abandoned by our beaurocrat.

    Anyway, to do that, I would need your permission to pursue administrator rights, since you're the only active admin, as well as posting a blog to see if any users objects. I'm not trying to replace you here - as I said, I think we just need an administrator who's able to be active, and right now you're the only one on the wiki and unfortuantely not able to be on much.

    Anyway, please let me know what you think.

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    • I think its an abosolutely great idea to promote you to admin. I'd really like you as a colleague and i understand its the best for this wiki.

      I'd like to be more active myself, but unfortunately my life has been quite busy the last couple of months. I've actually never been so busy in my life before :) But i do plan on becoming more active.

      Beside from that, i still think you should become admin and i think, since Nebthtet abandoned this wiki, i guess its best if you would indeed adopt the wiki or at least become an administrator. I support you fully in this process! And as a formality: i give you explicit permission. I hope you have everything you need now. If you need anything else, let me know! If Wikia wants a reference, you can show them this message or tell them to contact me by e-mail.

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    • Great!  :)  Just posting a link to this thread should be enough, I believe. The next step will be me posting a blog essentially asking for comments from other active members, to make sure there's no objections. I'll do that in a bit, then waiting a week for replies. Assuming there aren't any, this should hopefully be pretty easy.

      Hope you get less busy soon.

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